14 People Killed Including 11 From Same Family In Drug Violence Case In Mexico


In Mexico City two murder attacks are attempted at two different houses on different timings these murders are attempted by gun shots at both houses. In these gun shots attacks 11 people killed of a same family and including 4 other people and also 4 people are injured in these two attacks.


On Monday morning a person entered in a house at 7:00 AM situated at Lopez Mateos district and open his fires madly on the residents of that house in this gunshot attack 11 residents are killed which includes 2 men 4 women and also 5 girls these all are died at the spot in result of this madness and no other civilian is dead in this attack.

On the other side another man armed with gun entered at a house in Revolucion district in this attack three resident were killed including 1 man and 2 woman and also 4 resident of that house are injured these injured residents are transferred to the nearest hospital.

According to the report the condition of 1 injured resident is critical. This second attack is attempted on the Monday morning after the first attack and the gap between these two attacks is just of 45 minutes.

In these two attacks 11 people of same family are killed and 3 people of same family are killed including 4 injured of this family.

After these attacks police is in the search of killers and a video message is received to the police by the first murder in this video message he describes that location of the house and also the time on which he done these murders and admits that he killed those 11 members of same family.

In further investigation police came to know that the reason of firing is that the clash between two drugs dealer group and further investigation is still going on.


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