14 Terrorist Are Sentenced To Be Dead By Saudi Government


A final judgment of guilty in a criminal case about 14 criminals was made and the crime of these 14 criminals was that they have they have attacked on the police officers of Shiite.


In this region Muslims was in minority and Shiite was the area of Qatif and it was in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arab, this terrorist attack on police was attempted on Wednesday.

Another group of nine criminals was send to jail and remarks of judge after hearing there was that they all are should be in prison for three to fifteen years and one of them was released and the remarks of judge about hum was that legally blameless and according to law was not a criminal.

The statement of judge for these 14 terrorist become rancor when judge came to know that in Shiite these terrorist are trying to create a misbalance in the society on a large scale by doing unfair treatments with public and their main objective was that to create a tense situation between Sunni’s.

The other charges on this group of terrorist was that they have opened their in public and in result of this firing many civilians are dead and have also fired on different groups of security forces and also damaged some property of public by throwing hand grenade in their houses.

This group was also under the charges of drug dealing and supplying drugs to different places including this, this group of terrorist had also done may armed robberies in different shops and also robed cars on public place and they sold these cars in black market and they are also the suppliers of spare parts of robed car.

Including these all charges the investigating team came on this point that they are not only 14 members they have a vast network in which they done all these illegal works and they are trying their best to find the other members involved in this network.


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