15 Detainees Released From Guantanamo Bay, It Is Largest Amount Of Inmates Release Under Obama Rule


GUANTANAMO BAY: The United States decided to release 15 inmates of Guantanamo Bay and these 15 inmates are going to sent to United Arab Emirates, it the largest amount of prisoners released during the Barack Obama ruling period.


Guantanamo Bay is a camp or Jail of detainees which is located in the United States Naval Base at Cuba and this Jail is totally under the rule of Military Forces of United States and in here many are spending their lives without knowing that what was their fault.

This Military Base Jail is founded in the ruling period of Ex President of America George W Bush after the horrible incident of 11 September 2001 when fighter jets crashed into the world Trade Centre and this building is totally destroyed after this terrorist attack George W Bush decided to make this Jail and all men involve in terrorist activates are going to spend their life here.

Now the present Prime minister of America Barack Obama going to send 15 detainees to United Arab Emirates and from these 15 persons 3 belong from Afghanistan and kept under the charge of terrorism but the other 12 are more than 10 years in this Jail without knowing their fault and these 12 persons are spending their lives in Guantanamo Bay without any charge.

With these 15 persons the total number of release is 61 under the leading period of Barack Obama as he is going to close this jail because it is now getting unaffordable for government as the annual expense of this jail is more than 445 million dollars.

This 61 is the largest number of detainees released and that time is not so far when this jail is closed and the dream of Obama will come true as the time of Obama is very short and he has to achieve this goal.


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