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17 Soldiers killed in the Militant attack on Indian Army base in Kashmir

Srinagar: In recent attack by the militants today on the Headquarter of Indian Army 17 soldiers killed in Kashmir while on the other hand four terrorists are killed in the counter attack of the Indian Army Soldiers.
In the headquarter of Indian Army in Kashmir which is attacked today by the Militants in which about 17 soldiers of Indian Army killed as this statement is released by the Northern commander of Indian Army.
He further said that four terrorists are also killed in the country firing back by the Indian Soldiers in the operation against terrorists in Uri which is about 100 kilometers away from the main city Srinagar.
This headquarter is known as the house hundreds of soldiers, an eye witness said that he had seen heavy smoke blowing from the infantry in this headquarter and voice of heavy gunships rounds easily be heard.
As according to reports that the Militants first attack on the front-line base which is so close to the line of Control and then they moved to the next point of attack which was Headquarter of the Indian Army in Kashmir.
So in this respect the Home Minister had said that he would like to talk with the military officers therefore he has cancelled the official trips to United States and Russia so it is reported that this region is changed in the deadly region since two months because there is daily based clash between Army soldiers and protesting residents.
So in this respect about 87 civilians have been killed and thousands of people injured in the protest against the rule of India as the main reasons of this clashed is killing of popular Mujahid of Hizbul Mujahideen leader named as Burhan Wani which was killed on 7th of July in gun battle against the soldiers of Indian force.

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