18 Soldiers Killed In Suicide Attack On Military Headquarters In Iraq


Baghdad: Once again ISIS destroyed an army headquarter in shape of introducing suicide bombings in which almost 18 troops killed on the spot and more than 20 got serious injuries.


Foreign news report told that freedom fighters of famous militant group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant hit army headquarter in Anbar in which 18 soldiers departed from that life around 20 people wounded but security officials got control over suicide bombers and killed on the spot.

ISIS also took the responsibility of that attack and gave threat to Iraqi forces about upcoming explosions on army camps. Recently, terrorists blasted a government office in Iraq in which several were serious damaged but any death did not come to front.

Government’s spokesman told that Iraqi forces also increased activities against militants for the purpose of retaking whole province. A man at seen says, three suicide bombers are trying to enter in army headquarter for big explosion but failed and two attacker killed by soldiers near main door but third one blew up his body in result of that 18 troops executed.

AL Anbar province also a strategic area for both ISIS’s militants and Iraqi soldiers and jihadist group allows to move supplies and weapons to southern Salahaddin province. In those days, Iraq and Syria faced harsh civil war between NATO forces and militants in which thousands people killed but any positive change in that fight did not introduce by nay force.

The best thing is that Iraqi forces made operation against ISIS and Al-Qaeda in big city of Iraq named Ramadi and get control of whole city from militants but now, again terrorists damaged the army headquarters in which important security officials martyred and almost 20 people got serious wounds and shifted to hospital.

ISIS also increased attacks in Iraq and claimed killing of 30. People in another city but anyone did not confirm that news.


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