19 Yazidi Women Were Burned Refuse To Sex With ISIS Militants


19 Yazidi women were burned in front of thousands of people in Mosul which is in northern portion of Iraq and these 19 women were burned by ISIS militants.


The fault of these girls is that they have refused to sex with mentally sick Jihadist and Daesh accept the responsibility of this horrifying slaughter of these 19 Yazidi women.

In a report of United Nations it was said that these ISIS militants are holding between 1,800 to 3.500 Yazidi women and their children in their spiritual homes in Mosul in Iraq.

in 2014 this area was under the Yazidis and after some time this area become war zone and it now it was ruled by the ISIS militants and when the war was wined by ISIS militants then the militants of ISIS killed 2,500 to 5,000 men of this area and kidnapped all the girls, women and children living in this war zone.

After all that these slaves’ girls were forced to call themselves the sexual Jihadist and are forcefully involved in sexual Jihad than ISIS militants started using these girls for their sake of purpose and started selling these girls.

handed over these girls to different groups as a price to solve their matters and they also use these slaves to buy fuel for themselves and also to stable their economy and ISIS militants are also doing business by using these girls as they offer these girls on social media sites like Facebook.

In a report of ARA news the local news channel of that area said that this whole incident was covered by their reporter Abdullah-al-Malla in his report he said that these all women were punished for this as they refuse that they have sex with the Jihadist or ISIS militants then these 19 Yazidi were locked in a steel cage and burned in front of many people and these people were unable to do anything.


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