20 Good And Sophisticated Questions To Ask A Girl To Get Close To Her


20 goodquestions to ask a girl

Are you interested in a girl? And you are confused that what to do and how to get close to her and you are facing some kind of hesitation from her and you want to ask such kind of questions from her that she not feel embarrassed. With the touch of sophistication you want to ask really good questions from her, then I want to ensure you that you are reading relevant information. This happens only in such kind of situations when you like such kind of girls who are shy and you are afraid that if you will ask something weird from her then she will not get close to you. This fear of losing her is the actual reason you are seeking good questions. So here I am going to provide list of 20 good questions to ask a girl. It is not necessary that you ask only serious and good questions from her, sometimes asking funny questions from her in funny way seems a good question to her because according to an analysis it has been found that girls like funny boys as compared to serious rough and tough type guys. At first when you meet a girl you get confused because you have started liking her and you do not know about her likes and dislikes and fear of losing her by any of your mistake is always in your mind so I am providing you the list of 20 good questions to ask a girl and I guarantee you after this you both will get close to each other.

20 goodquestions to ask a girl
1) Go to the girl you love with a kitten and ask her is this kitten belong to you? And when she will say NO, gift her and then tell her that you want to do friendship with her.
2) Are you interested in attending a concert? I have two tickets. Wanna join me?
3) What was the first word which comes in your mind when I first met you?
4) Which of the quotes you still remember from your childhood to till now?
5) Which thing embarrasses you most of the time in public?
6) Which thing scares you most of the time?

20 goodquestions to ask a girl
7) What kind of person you are? Wanna party all the time or to live in solitude?
8) Wow! This child is so cute. Do you like to play with children?
9) Do you wanna share your funny and recurring dreams with me?
10) I wanna do skydiving with the most courageous girl. Would you like to join me? I like your courage in different matters.
11) You look cute when you smile. Do I look cute to you when I smile?
12) What are things or thoughts which irritates you a lot?
13) People used to call me with several nicknames. How many nicknames you have?
14) AA today is Valentine’s Day. Do you believe in doing crazy things on this day?

20 goodquestions to ask a girl
15) My friend is suffering from problems in his relationship. What do you suggest which are the ultimate elements to make your relationship happy?
16) What was the key feature which leads your life to the path of success?
17) Weather is so cool. Can you walk with me through this way?
18) Which good memory is still in your mind from your childhood? Or do you believe in making cute and funny memories?

20 goodquestions to ask a girl
19) What was the cute and funny thing you did with your friend’s gang up till now?
20) Which are the things you think that girls must not do?


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