20 Questions To Ask A Girl


Girl is that creation of God which needs a lot of attention as a daughter, as a friend, as a girl-friend, as a sister and as a wife. Girls are very unpredictable in their behavior and no one can understand them properly as some girls are very emotional, some are cool-minded, some get angry on little things and some ignore big things easily and just adapt that kind of ways in which there is no arrogance, ego and only smile is on their faces all the time. Some people think that girls are weak so girls in some ways to prove themselves equal to boys adapt ways in which they resemble a lot with boys. In this article I am going to provide information about 20 questions to ask a girl by which they do not get the wrong idea about yourself and that kind of questions which are according to taste of every girl. Well! This thing developed a concept in your mind that girls are scary but NO!Besides this unusual behavior showed by girls they care a lot as a friend, as a daughter, as a wife, as a sister and most importantly as a girl-friend. List of 20 questions to ask a girl is as follows:

1) Aw! You look so confident at this place. Did you born here?
2) O.M.G you look like Macho man, would you like to ride my bike?
3) There is an astonishing light in your eyes, do you have big dreams?
4) Do you pray to God before starting any special work such as job or exams?
5) You are holding white roses in your hand; do you like all the flowers?
6) Which flower is your heart favorite?
7) Which thing is more important to you, to learn from other’s experiences or to experience everything by yourself?
8) Which TV show you remember, you used to watch in your childhood?
9) Which weird thing you notice first about any person?
10) By which thing you judge people, dressing or by talking to them first?

11) What are your ultimate plans for next 2 to 3 years?
12) Are you a family oriented girl or want to spend your leisure time with friends most of the time?
13) Do you believe in first impression is the last impression or you give chances to people after they make a mistake?
14) What is the ultimate thing after which you start hating someone?
15) Are you interested in purchasing branded cosmetics or you just use your cute smile as a makeup?
16) Do you believe in doing all your work by yourself or you believe in taking help from others?

17) Do you have travel sickness or you want to explore nature all the time by traveling?
18) If you are given a chance to describe yourself by writing a book then what will be the name of your life book?
19) Who was your first friend whose qualities still inspire you?
20) What is the most important thing in your life without which you cannot live happy or you cannot spend your life.


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