23 February, Thursday At Gaillard: “Taj Express Is Going To Head


After two years of struggle to complete script, Gaillard is going to on- air a show by name “Taj express”. This show is comprised of dance and music and not only script but also the costumes and practices have been done in time period of two years. This show is going to depict vigorous nature of Bollywood films by expressing dance and music.

A music composer who is debuting his first Bollywood film is followed by Taj Express. Theme of show is composer struggle and creative fight with the Bollywood industry and his ultimate efforts to create his best compositions. Vaibhavi Merchant, Taj Express’s choreographer is famous for his choreography in Bollywood hits songs such as Dhoom 3, Kajrare, Kamli, Jhoom Bhrabar and Dhool baje.

Creative associative director of Taj Express Ankush Dhawan told that this show is going to depict the male lead and with emotions it will display true struggle of Bollywood composer. He added that the show we created other than U.S new storyline will be shown through live music and choreography.

Entirely new work out in this show is done for American Audience and new culture of India modernism will be displayed in this show. Crew which is going to act in this has come from all over the India and they will depict new culture of India with full emotions. For this special U.S performance 2400 ornaments with versatile costumes will be worn by crew of Taj Express. These dresses are not ordinary as time span of two months is consumed in making these costumes and Taj Express crew is comprised of 22 dancers. Meticulously embroidery is done on these costumes.

Dhawan told that as U.S people are not going to understand lyrics but they will definitely love music as music is a universal language.


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