3 Paris Attackers Feature In ISIS Recruitment Files; German Media Reported


German media reported three ISIS militants have recruitment files before Paris attacks in which almost 130 people killed and more than 300 got serious injuries further investigation continues after that leak.


According to a online news portal, in November 2015, Paris rattled with three big suicide explosions in which more than 100 citizen departed from that life now, a major leak comes in front about that attacks relating that information media groups getting evidences about recruitment files given to ISIS killers only for money took by local public supporters.

The first attack made by ISIS militants by the help of suicide bombings and gun shooting in which 90 people killed on the spot because these people are busy in enjoying a music concert introduced by rock band and singer of that function named Jesse Hughes apologized for that incident humbly and blamed to security guards about involving in support to terrorists.

Recruitments files exposed in front of whole world and these were collected by German, United States and Syrian media for introducing a big secret about connection of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) to almost 40 countries for upcoming attacks.

These recruiting files indicated three fighters who rattled in November 2015 all information published on internet for further investigation by intelligence.

The Interior Minister of Germany named Thomas de Maiziere told in front of media, these files will help out to search out other helpers of ISIS in Paris or other countries and decreased future attacks.

Roughly, 22000 ISIS fighters lived in 40 different countries for the purpose of completing their future consignments everyone did not know the actual detail about these documents but may be that would be genuine.

Recently, ISIS gave threat to United Kingdom management about a big suicide attack near in future.


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