3 Ways How To Get Instagram Likes In 2018


In 2018, Influencers and brands are looking for effective ways to get more Instagram likes and followers as well. We’ve gathered some tricks that can make your profile most successful and rack up your number game. However, having more likes on your posts is not enough, you also need to put some extra efforts to increase your post engagement to see your desired results.


Broaden your efforts and work on increasing your post likes and post engagement on Instagram. Nevertheless, having more likes and followers on Instagram usually increases the likelihood of taking the attention of the potential audience or clients. In this article, we will discuss what are the effective ways that you can use to increase your posts likes on Instagram in the year 2018.

Instagram Profile:

One of the best ways of getting more likes on Instagram is to optimize your profile as it is the first thing that visitors see on your Instagram page.

  • Make sure to set your profile as public because private profile will likely to miss out the attention of your potential audience.
  • Add the link of your website and other accounts to your bio. But remember to make it short before use. Your bio should be readable for everyone.
  • The most important thing that you need to remember once you are going to optimize your profile, choose such name that can be easily searchable. Make it short and simple as people don’t likely to search unique names.
  • For example, if your company name is “Austin city travels” and your handle on Instagram is @Austincitytravelsawesome, you will miss out on valuable searchable points.
  • Choose a profile photo that matches your brand identity. Make sure to use the same profile photo on all social networks that make your brand recognizable to the people.
  • Write simple, short, clear and to the point bio description. Try to reduce into a single line.

Instagram Posts:
Your Instagram likes depends on the quality of your posts. However, you have multiple options when it comes to posting the latest update of your brands from photo to video, live video to the Instagram story and IGTV video to GIFs.

Use all range of options while posting your content. Engage your followers by asking their feedback through Instagram live video. Use the Instagram story to spread your word of mouth in an effective way. Post vibrant photos and quirky GIFs. Post your content once or twice a day or you can schedule your posts.

Instagram Brand Interaction:One of the most important thing to getting Instagram likes is your brand interaction. Use relevant hashtags with your posts. You can use 2 to 30 hashtags in your posts. Use ‘All-Hashtags website to generate proper and most relevant hashtags.

Write a good description according to the context of your photo or video. That way, you can engage more people. Another way is to use Instagram pods that are essentially group chats on this platform where you can encourage a lot of people to visit your profile and share your content.


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