4 Dead, Including 1 Child, In Bastrop County Apartment Complex Shooting


WASHINGTON: Civilians of Texas once again are under attack this time an armed man entered into a house and killed 4 peoples which includes 1 child, 2 women and shooter killed himself too.


At Dallas Texas which is located in America and an American State again become a victim of murder this time murder of 2 women along with their 1 child is attempted, this murder of 4 civilians is done in Bastrop County.

This murder is attempted at 6:16 PM round about the killer entered into the apartment and open his fire over the residents of that house in result of this terrifying attack 2 women and 1 child are killed the gun man madly shooting into the house.

After killing these three innocent residents he calms down and after some time murderer killed himself too nobody knows that why he killed himself and why he killed the residents of Bastrop County after this killing one of the witness calls the police.

According to the witness he heard sound of three shots and two gun fires reaches to its apartment and 1 bullet breaks the window of its wall and other bullet makes its way into the wall of witness apartment when the sounds are over than witness visited that apartment in which the dead bodies are placed he saw dad bodies of 2 women along with a mature man and a dead body of a child.

According to the witness he scared very much after seeing this entire situation and the scene in fort of his eyes getting blur after that he called the police, according to the sheriff of Texas police investigation is started but till now there is no clue that why this horrible situation of murder takes place.


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