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5 Years Old Boy Represents Terror And Horror Spreads All Over In Aleppo Due To War

In past 2 days the videos and picture of a boy was shared of social media as well as on latest news web sites this boy represent the story of every single boy who is living in Aleppo and survive bomb blast.
The picture of the boy which went viral and becomes a label that what is going on Syria the age of this boy is 5 years and his name is Omran Daqneesh this boy is badly injured in air strikes and in the picture this boy is sitting on a chair.
The chair on which this boy was sitting is not like other simple chair this an ambulance chair which was placed on the back side of ambulance and the boy is totally covered in dust even the T shirt of boy with cartoon logo is filled with dust and blood.
The left side of the boy’s face is fully covered in the blood which is coming out from boys head as the head of Omran Daqneesh is seriously wounded the boy is sitting on the chair quietly and don’t show any response even he is not giving any reaction when he saw blood on his hands and legs.
According to the repot of doctor who provides this boy the first aid treatment said that this boy is in great shock and now his condition is that he is unable to know and sense that what is going on what was happened to him that’s why he is not crying or giving any reaction.
This boy presents the story of every second child who suffers from blasts and air strikes these children are mentally ill after seeing this huge amount of destruction blood and dead bodies everywhere and it is very difficult for them to forget these moments. Behavior

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