50 Republicans Security Experts Send Open Letter To Donald J. Trump


WASHINGTON: An open letter is given to the nominee of Republican Party Donald J. Trump which is signed by 20 security offices of Republican Party in which they mentioned that he is going to be the reckless president.


Now the Nominee of Republican Party is on the hit line and he is being hit by his own party this time the 50 most senior security experts of the Republican Party send an open letter to Donald J. Trump in which these offices mention that this man lack of all the characteristics of a good leader.

The group which sign this letter includes the former CIA director Michael Hayden and he said that is business tycoon lack all the properties of a good leader even has no knowledge of any thing he just ruins everything and mow everybody knows that if Donald J. Trump was elected that the future of this free state is in darkness.

In the reply of this the Nominee of Republican Party said that this CIA former director Michael Hayden is the part of failed Washington elite he first he has to put an eye on his past what he has done and he is responsible for many failed missions.

After the Michael Hayden said that this person Donald J. Trump is the one who has destroyed the foreign policy of this free stat as this man has no knowledge of United States Laws, beliefs, Constitutions, even he don’t knows about the religious values and what is the value of freedom he is totally un aware from all these things.

On the other side the panel said that this man plays dirty politics and we all are not going to wove him in the upcoming elections for American President in November 2016.


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