A Day In The Life – What You Can Expect From Coworking


The coworking craze is no longer a fad, but it has become a real staple in the Singapore climate. In this country, you can find a number of spaces that appeal to the country’s diverse professional climate. In addition to the general admissions spaces, there are the niche studios and the industry-specific spaces as well.

Led primarily through groups traditionally attracted to the workspace, these spaces have given all businesses to work in some of the most eclectic professionals’ communities. Because these communities tend to define themselves, you can find the very sophisticated to the very laid-back among the many communities that make up Singapore’s business districts. Furthermore, these self-defining communities can bring with them a whole new meaning to shared space. Take a look at one to see the diversity of professionals that can fill the space by clicking on the following link at http://www.servcorp.com.sg/en/coworking/.

Let’s take a closer look at all the ins and outs and what you can expect from coworking.

Types Of Amenities

The types of spaces you might find in the coworking vary, but one thing you can bet on is that most of the spaces have excellent Wi-Fi and offer professionals a variety of options to choose. Some include a café, bar, or designated area for eating, and many of the whimsical spaces will include a ping pong table or some other diversion as a part of the designated break areas. More of the coworking spaces in Singapore are beginning to include spaces that incorporate more of the life-balance part of work, as changing rooms and sometimes even showers and daycare facilities are cropping in response to demand for these services.

Some of the better coworking spaces will include access to conference and meeting rooms and boardrooms as a part of their plans. Larger spaces might even allow you to rent private offices. For the most part, the spaces all come with a range of amenities that differs depending on the company.

Business Profile

In Singapore, technology industries, start-ups, and entrepreneurs have fuelled the coworking scene, and this is primarily because it offers solopreneurs the opportunity to fund office space inexpensively. However, as other industries have taken to the idea, the space’s make up is beginning to reflect other industries. One of the reasons the coworking space is so popular is because many of the spaces are very diverse, which can make work interesting. Unless working in space that is industry-specific, you can run into professionals from a range of industries.

Coworking Hotels And Coliving Spaces

As a part of trying to make the work-life balance mesh, Singapore coworking landscape is seeing the appearance of coworking hotels and coliving spaces. Coworking hotels are coworking spaces which are housed in hotels. These spaces are great for professionals travelling temporarily on business but need space to work.

Coliving spaces have cropped up as a response to urban rents being excessively high. An alternative to living in government subsidised housing in the city, these places provide professionals with shared living facilities. Professionals could essentially rent space in a coworking facility while coliving and saving a lot on both their professional and personal expenses.

Reinventing And Maximising The Coworking Platform

In essence, there is a little bit of old and new in the Singapore coworking landscape. As the coworking phenomenon begins to become more than a passing fad, leasing companies are moving toward spaces that include more amenities to appeal to those who find themselves spending an inordinate amount of time at work. By emphasising and including more of life in a space dedicated to work, Singapore professionals are sure to enjoy the perks associated with work.



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