A Kentucky Day Care Center Forced Hungry Children To Play “Smack For A Snack”


A hungry child has forced to play “smack for a snack” on a day care center in southeastern state of United States, Kentucky where a male member has cited with children with second degree assault, Police reported.


A day care center on the Kentucky that situated on boundary of Ohio River has been taken under strict scrutiny by Police as they caught a children and a male staff member on a day care center where the male member is playing forcefully “smack for a snack” with a hungry child.

The authorities have stated in detail, they caught a male member on Kentucky day care center where a man is playing “smack for a snack” with a hungry child only for yogurt however, other one employee has been caught on site giving second-degree assault to a hungry child.

According to the investigators, two of the employees and day care center lined up the school age children and hitting them on hands and legs with a ruler to get a snack from them, however the report of the New Creation Child Care employees has not involved the 4th Aug incident.

A 10-years old young girl has told to investigators, her teacher said to children if they want snack they will have to line up and teacher hit on their legs and hand with ruler, the second-degree assault by the male member hurts many of kids who are crying with smack, The Kansas City Star has been reported.

When police questioned in violent way with one of the male member, he accepted that they are hitting school aged children on legs and hand but it’s only a game, one of the aggressive investigator when asked how many kids you had hit with ruler he replied more than 20.


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