A New Born Baby Girl Found In Suitcase Of German Women, Police Arrested


The German Police has arrested German based women, after a new born baby girl if founded in her suitcase at her home where she lives with a man of 19-years old however, a skeleton also found in the suitcase as well.


The police have arrested German women on suspicion of manslaughter but when the police have searched the whole apartment of the wicked women, they found a suitcase but the most gruesome moment is that when police found a new born baby girl in her suitcase.

It is distressing more, beside the new born baby girl there beside a skeleton of the second infant girl.

The post-mortem will carried out to know the exact cause of the death of the second infant child, the living infant new born baby girl has rushed to hospital where doctors has passed the argument that the baby girl is now in stable condition and the result of post-mortem of the second infant girl is believed to be dead few time ago.

The German Police has arrested the women with Germany privacy laws on suspicion of manslaughter and attempted of manslaughter on Thursday 29 September.

The 22-years old women were living with teenager boy of 19-years old in an apartment in the northern city of Hanover, reported by German Police.

The teenager boy who was living with arrested women, was found from a case where he hidden from police in apartment.

Police has not yet revealed the name of arrested women but it is suspected either she is the mother of both infant new born baby girls.

Now Police investigating the 19-years old boy, their neighbors as well as his and her colleagues it is also reported the women had detained to her work place to find some more clues.


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