After Defeat In Copa America Final, Lionel Messi Announced Retirement From Argentina National Team


Lionel Messi announced that now he is retiring from the international football and leaving the Argentina national football team as Lionel Messi is very sad and feeling shameful that Argentina lost champion ship match against Chile in the Copa America final.


In the final of the Copa America which is played between Argentina and Chile in this match Lionel Messi is very excited to win the champion ship but during the 90 minutes game Chile got a chance to play a plenty shot but Lionel Messi stops that shot and the soccer is 0 0 of both teams.

After that 30 minutes of extra time given to the both team and in extra minutes Lionel Messi got a chance to hit a plenty shot and wins the title but Lionel Messi miss that golden chance after this the game was ended in this 120 minutes of game both teams fights with each other with a great spirit but at the end the score of both teams is 0 goals.

After that authorities decides that Chile is old champion so the title is again given to Chile just because of that Lionel Messi misses that plenty shot.

After this failure Lionel Messi becomes very sad as it is for the fourth time that Argentina has lost the final match just because of Lionel Messi first match was lost by Argentina is in 2007 than in 2014, 2015 and now in 2016.

After facing all these failure Lionel Messi said that it was his dream to become the world champion but his is unable to achieve its target.

Everybody knows that Lionel Messi made a record of 55 goals and he represents 112 times Argentina but now the decision is final that Lionel Messi is retiring from the national team.


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