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After Destroying Hong Kong Typhoon Nida Heading Towards Southern China

Typhoon Nida is on its way and continuously destroying each and everything which comes in its way Typhoon Nida almost completely destroyed the main area of Hong Kong and now it is heading towards a larger portion of Southern China.
Typhoon Nida is name of one of the most destructive Tropical Strom which hit the areas in the form of cyclones and small tornados, first of Tuesday Typhoon Nida hits Hong Kong very badly as all the way of communication along with all the business centers educational institutes and all sort of transport is blocked.
Many houses are completely destroyed along with that that many trees popped out from ground all the main highways are blocked water level rises from dangerous level and people are forced to stay in their houses till the condition don’t gets better.
After completely destroying Hong Kong than Typhoon Nida moves towards mainland here it gets little bit slower and straightly moved toward Guangdong province here in this province Guangzhou is on red alert and all the people and resident of this are strictly warned and guided to collect all the food items and things of basic needs in their houses that any time situation gets worst.
Also in the southern cities of Shanwei and Zhuhai in China are highly alert and emergency service is now on in this are as according to the weather map these areas are on the hit list of Typhoon Nida and with the passage of time Typhoon Nida is getting stronger and it will going to hit these areas with wind speed of 151 Km/h.
After hearing this warning most of the people left their houses as they know that their houses are not able to bear this storm after 1983 it is the most powerful storm which is going to hit southern china.

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