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Akihito Japan’s Emperors Hints That He Wishes To Abdicated From Emperorship

TOKYO: Akihito Japan’s Emperors in his second televised address to the public said that now his health is not supporting him so might be he left the post of Japan’s Emperors as its getting very difficult for him to full fill duties.
Japan’s Emperors Akihito appears second time in the front of the public of Japan and address the public for 10 minutes in his this address he said that no it is getting very difficult for him to continue his duties as an Emperor so it is fear that he will may not continue his duties just because of age factor and continuously deteriorating health.
This 82 years Japanese Emperor is the 125th Emperor and he hold his charge as an Emperor in 1989 on 7 January after the death of the one of the greatest Emperor in the history of Japan Hirohito.
Akihito is also the son of this 124th Emperor as the tradition is that after the death of an Emperor the elder son or the most able and capable son of the emperor is selected to sit on the seat of Emperor.
Emperors Akihito is facing many health related problems as he has suffered from one heart surgery as well as he is also treated for the Bladder Cancer these treatments really effects his health badly as well as the age is also putting effect on his health.
The Prime Minister of Japanese Government Shinzo Abe said the government takes this statement very seriously and talked to him that what is best of him and that government tries its best to full fill the requirements of Akihito.
If Akihito stepped down from his seat than he will be the second Emperor who done this after Kokaku in 1817.

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