Anushka Sharma Enjoying Her Holidays With Virat Kohli In London Street


Anushka Sharma is now hanging out on the streets of London with her mister perfect Virat Kohli and both are enjoying shopping as in the click the famous Indian Cricket Virat Kohli is standing with the Hottest Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma holding shopping bags in his hands.


These two Love Birds Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are deeply in love with other and never miss a moment to spent time with each other this time this hot and most discussed couple of Indian Industry which is a very unique combination of Cricket and Acting are spotted on the Streets of London.

Till now the Mr. Perfect of Anushka Sharma is on the vacation of 5 days as after 5 days he is going to face West Indies in the cricket ground.

This romantic couple never misses a chance to meet each other this is very hard for these two love birds to spend days without the company of each other.

Till now Anushka Sharma is enjoying the success of his latest release on Sultan and se don’t want enjoy these lovely and joyful moments alone that’s why she towards the Test Cricket Captain of Indian Team and these both are now with each other the picture of this hot and romantic couple is very popular on social media as it it is first shared on Twitter.

In this picture of Hottest and sexiest Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma shares a same color of T shirt and shoes with the face of modern cricket in India Virat Koholi in this picture the couple is found.

Wearing a black T shirt along this Virat Kohli wears Blue Jeans with white Jogger and a black coat while the only difference in the dressing of this couple is that Anushaka Sharma wears white Coat.


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