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Apple Halts Ios 9.3.2 Update Rolls Out For 9.7 Inch Ipad Pro Over The “Error 56” Issue

Many of the Apple users are very angry now because in iOS 9.3.2 update, there are unnecessary bricks, those unfortunate users who use 9.7 inch IPad when they plugged into iTunes then they receives a message of error 56 and cannot restore their I pod and then it become use less.
Apple was trying to put the Bluetooth and audio bug in the 9.7 inch iPad but all these things need to be fixed when the user plug into iTunes than saw error 56 and when try to reboot his I pod he failed and it is a very nasty surprise for Apple users.
According to apple the error 56 is an issue of hardware and can be fixed by using the third party security software after that, reboot your ipad two times, it will help you to restore your ipad basically in version 9.3.2 Apple has given many bricks and these useless bricks affecting the hardware of ipad 9.7 inch we see the error 56.
Basically when you update your ipad with version 9.3.2 than after download the updates, when you install these updates then you got connection to iTunes and if u plug in with iTunes your update will be canceled and when you try to restore your ipad you will see a message of error 56 and the ipad 9.7inch will become useless.
after upgrading device there is a firmware and many Apple owners tries to restore their ipad’s but all of them tasted failures, if restart ipad many times it will not help you to restore your ipad. Now the Apple has stopped the upgrading to iOS version 9.3.2 because it is a hardware issue and they promised that soon they will release a software patch to fix the error 56.

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