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Apple MacBook Pro (2016) Release Date Delayed, WWDC Limited to 13-inch Retina MacBook

Mac user much disappointed by their by last event of Apple because it has revealed Retina MacBook Pro will not releasing until October, Apple will have to launch new machine sooner than later.
Earlier it was reported, MacBook Pro 2016 scheduled to launch in market between 13th June and 17th June but WWDC 2016 event disappointed most of Mac users.
The buzz it that authentic reports suggest it’s not been releasing until October this year.
Firstly it appears that luckily the wait could potentially be over soon in June but latest news ruins lucky chance.
The Apple’s next entry MacBook Pro 2016 is expectedly packed with advance technology features, the Retina MacBook Pro 2016 that slated to release in fourth quarter this year, is the successor or 12 inch screen latest entry and itself has a glassy look of 13 inch screen.
Among other, MacBook Pro have more thinner slim casing, more robust capacity and heavier storage memory.
MacBook Pro 2016 has attracting design with thinner body, OLED display and a Touch ID, while the increased resolution 2304×1440 enhances charm.
Rumor news doing round the upcoming device will have a feature of touch screen, if it confirmed Apple surprised the fan as usual.
Apple’s MacBook Pro will hit the market as it features with Skylake processor which is the newer sixth generation chip introduced by Intel, Skylake processor will hike its performance and going to make it fastest machine ever as well as Quad-core i7 is the latest technology which features in MacBook Pro 2016.
Apple backed with a Butterfly Keyboard that eases the user to type, while for sake of gaming it featured with latest FinFet 14nm architecture graphic card.
The most demanded functionality is Battery life the technology giant company improves battery life to 10 hours.

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