April designated as National Sexual Assault Awareness month by President Trump


Trump declares April National Sexual Assault

On Friday President Trump has yet again issued another proclamation and this time it’s regarding the month of April itself. He proclaimed April as the National Sexual Assault Awareness month.

Trump declares April National Sexual Assault-themeshnews.com

National Sexual Violence Resource Center has cleared the situation that April has been the National Sexual Assault Awareness month since 2001 in USA. However proclamation observing was first started by former President Barrack Obama in 2010. Trump administration has also carried over this tradition.

Spokesperson from White House has stated that,

“Sexual Crimes with much grief is still rampant in our society. Offenders for this crime still mage to evade consequences. These inhuman crimes are committed in name of intimate relationship at home, public places or work places.”

Since last year there has been lot of movement regarding sexual assault and harassment occurred in Work Place inside USA. The movement is trending by name of #MeToo.

There have been multiple reports of sexual assaults and harassments relating to industrial leaders. Trump has also been accused by many women for sexual misconduct since his time of presidency.

December of last year, group of women held a conference in which they shared personal series about Trump’s actions.

At the moment 15 women have come in public with a wide range of accusation against Trump. These accusations include sexual harassment, sexual assault and lewd behavior regarding women. 13 of these women claim that they have suffered personally form these actions by Trump while other two claim that they had seen him dong such things and they made them uncomfortable to even watch. All of these allegations were performed by Trump before assuming his presidency of USA.

White House officials and Trump himself has denied all of these allegations and claimed them to be only a source to defame Trump and his administration.


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