Arab-American Family Outraged To Kicked Off United Airline Flight For Safety Issue


An Arab American family including three children Eaman, Amy-Saad shebly and her husband with three kids removed from United Airline flight for the sake of security or safety of Flight.


Eaman-Amy Saad Shebley show her anger by uploading a video of United Airline Flight Air-hostess where he asked her and her mother with family to deplane right now for no apparent reason, they originally from Chicago.

The couple taking their three Childs to Washington D.C on vacation over spring season, in video the mother asked the attendant about the five points of harness for their kids.

The attendant give her reaction by saying she had no idea about what they are talking after some time the attendant come and said to the family to leave the plane.

The pilot stated the reason that they had to get off the plane due to the safety of flight issue, the mother of three kids Shebley posted the video on social networking site Facebook with the status ‘Shame on you United Airline for kicked off my family for no reason than how we look like, my three younger child are too young to experienced such kind of incident.’

They face such type of problem only because they were Muslims on the other side the video uploaded on Facebook by Shebley was no longer be viewed on it.

After they were getting off the plane the family concerned with the customer service officer who apologized for kicked off the flight and he rebooked the tickets on a new flight to Washington D C, they also reported a complaint against the Airline.

The family contact with Michigan and Dawud Walid those are the Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations. Due to this reason the Muslim American women scared to wear Hijab after the terrorism attack.


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