At Least 8 Dead After A Fire In The Eighteenth Arrondissement Of Paris


At least eight people, including two children, were killed in the fire caused by two successive fire starts in a building of the eighteenth arrondissement of Paris on Wednesday. A man was taken into custody.


A fire in an apartment building killed, Wednesday, September 2, at least eight people, including two children, in a popular area of the eighteenth arrondissement of Paris. This assessment, still provisional, was confirmed by the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who visited the site. The four wounded, that are on emergency, were evacuated to hospitals, he has said.

A man was also taken into custody. This is an individual 35 who was arrested by the anti-crime brigade. RTL radio reported that his suspicious behavior and CCTV images have prompted his arrest.

This still undetermined origin fire is one of the deadliest of the last ten years in the capital.

According to firefighters, fire starts two successive, two hours apart, in the building of 4 Myrha street, in the neighborhood of Goutte d’Or. There were two different interventions at the same address, at 2:23 ET 4:30 (Paris time), said the commander More Gabriel, spokesperson of Paris firefighters. “We cannot ignore that it may be a malicious act,” said the spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior, Pierre-Henry Brandet.


The first fire occurred on the ground floor in the mailboxes before spreading into the stairwell. A police officer I could reach by phone told me that there are nine chances out of ten either criminal, reports Antoine Mariotti, France 24 special correspondent at the scene of the fire. When that starts in a stairwell is rarely accidental.

The first fire occurred on the ground floor Firefighters intervened to some papers burning in the lobby. It was a very small fire, several smoke that escaped and were quickly broken down in the stairwell, said Gabriel France 24 Plus. Once extinguished, firefighters left.

Before working again in the same building. What is surprising is to intervene a few hours later on the same address for something completely different, said the spokesman of firefighters.

There are nine chances out of ten either criminal, said a police officer in France 24. When that broke out in a stairwell, this is rarely accidental.

A hundred firefighters in total have taken to combat fire, now contained. A security perimeter was established around the neighborhood. The Judicial Police Division is seized of the investigation. Forensic science is currently at the scene.


Victims in the stairway and in the apartments of the third was found, 4th and 5th floors, reports Gabriel Plus. The progress was difficult because we were faced with flames coming out of the floors and stairs that burned.

Chamss, a resident of the neighboring building at 2 rue Myrha, interviewed by France 24, said he saw the bodies of two victims who had defenestrates to escape the flames. “I was awakened at 4 am by the noise. I heard the neighbors shouting. There was panic.

We helped a man who had broken his leg to get off the 1st floor,” said the young man very emotional. It’s very sad. I wanted to save them all. There are also children who died.” Two children are indeed part of the victims, according to a source close to the investigation.

The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said that the building was a private property in a neighborhood with a lot of social housing and where the city has hired longtime renovation projects. It was not considered unhealthy or treated as such, she has said.

Michel, who lives Myrha Street for 35 years, France 24 confirms that the building was in good condition. The facade was not beautiful but it was not a dump, he says. Here, the stairwells are wood; fire can therefore leave very quickly.

In the district, residents say they are shocked. I was awakened by the noise. The neighbors were screaming, there was panic, he testifies to France 24. We have helped people to evacuate the building, including one person who had a broken leg. But upon arrival, the firemen told us to leave.

In the district, residents say they are shocked. These are the smells that woke me. I saw the flames that rose high because my window faces in the same court, shows a little haggard eyes, Jean-Claude, a resident of St. Myrha 2, which was greeted with his family in a cafe with other residents. They have since been able to return to their apartment.


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