Attorney General revealed that Venezuela jail fire left 68 dead


Attorney General revealed to media that in a fire that was set off in a riot in a Venezuela jail located in northeast city named Valencia, left about 68 people dead.

Attorney General revealed that Venezuela jail fire left 68 dead

The announcement for the incident was made hours later and the anguished family members of the deceased had to face the police in riot gear. According to Venezuelan media, police had to use tear gas to disperse the crowd of jail convicts. Officials have only released little information regarding this incident.

Mother of one prisoner, Aida Parra told the Spanish news agency EFE that,

“I don’t know if my son is dead or alive.  They won’t tell me anything”.

Tarek Saab the attorney general of Valencia told media that four prosecutors have been named to investigate the information regarding this incident. Except two of the dead prisoners, all others were men.

One of the victim’s family members posted a video on twitter saying that

“all we want is justice! We want to know everything that is happening right now”.

According to jail officials, gunfire was the cause for riot and soon after fire broke out in commotion. However the source and reasons for this riot are unclear at the moment.

The facility that is attached to a police station had capacity of 60 prisoners but due to shortage of resources and personal, Venezuelan jails are overcrowded.

One research organization named InSight Crime revealed a report that 49000 prisoners were kept in holding cells designed for 19000 prisoners. As far as holding cells go, 33000 prisoners were kept in cells with maximum capacity of about 5000.

Armed gangs control the prisons in Venezuela and every year many of the detainees lose their life in jails. According to a survey more than 6600 prisoners have lost their lives in between years of 1999 to 2015 inside jails.


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