Australian PM Turnball condemns Russia for spy poisoning scandal


Australia has continued to shoe their firm support n favor of UK relating the Russian Spy poisoning scandal. Australian officials have strongly condemned Russia band told Moscow that it was highly unethical for a Russian made Nerve agent to be used in an assassination attempt.

Australian PM Turnball condemns Russia for spy poisoning scandal

The former Russian spy Sergie Skripal and her daughter Yulia were both exposed to a deadly nerve agent in the southern English city of Salisbury.

The agent is deemed to be manufactured in Russia. However they are both alive and are in extensive care. UK directly accused Russia for this attack and immediately expelled 23 of Russian Diplomats as a sign of their anger.

Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball along with Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop released a statement in favor of UK saying that Theresa May had made compelling case against Russia’s involvement in this incident along with Russian unlawful use of force on UK soil.

The statement also went on to say that “Australia is concerned that a military grade nerve agent was used on British soil, we share UK’s anger for the use of chemical weaponry to commit murder.

One other joint statement released from Australian officials was that “Australia stands firmly with UK in support strongly and we completely support the response by PM May for this inhuman attack of the use of chemical weaponry in Europe since World War 2.

The Russian Embassy in response to these statement replied with an angry tone with a hint of threat in a media coverage for Australia. Te press statement was released by Ambassador Gregory Logvinov saying,

“Russia is ready to help in investigations related to Sergei’s assignation attempt but the help is based on equal partner terms rather than being questioned and as a nominated defendant”.

He further went on to say that

“It is still a surprise based on 20th century and early 21st century history of Russia that some people still think of talking with Russia in language of Ultimatums”.



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