Barack obama Is Now Become The Most Famous Personality On Instagram


New York: According to the Instagram, Us President Barrack Obama is the Most Famous personality on the Instagram, Russian Prime Minister is on second position while Indian prime Minister Narinder Modi in on third position.


According to news of foreign news Agencies, US President is on the top position on the Instagram and he is most famous on the instagram. According to the Repotrs that on the Account of Instagram of US President, he is the most famous than that of all the presidents and Prime Ministers of the World because He is on top Figure, Russian Prime Minister is On Second Position while Prime Minister of India Narinder Modi is on third position.

According to the Reports that more than 70% of the Presidents and Prime Ministers Have accounts on the instagram and President Obama is the most famous that of all because the Followers of President Obama On this Account are more than 6 million which is most than all of these Prime Ministers those have Account on the Instagram.

The Prime Minister of Russia has 2 million followers on the Instagram and India’s Prime Minister Modi third of the number of followers is 1.7 million.

The first ten Personalities that have more followers are president of Turkey “Tayyip Erdoğan”, “Ayatollah Ali khamenei”, President of Egypt “Abdel Fattah el-Sisi”, the President of Argentina ‘Mauricio Macri’, and similarly the Rulers of Dubai and United Arab Emirate, ‘Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’ and the Prime Minister of Russia got 25 likes on every post on Instagram.

This shows that all the big pillars of the world took so much interest to be on the social media and also this shows their popularity among all the people in the world and they also connected with people of the World.


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