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Belgium Police Attacked with Machete, Man Shouted Allahu Akbar and Attack on 2 Female Officers

BELGIUM: a man targeted to lady police offices with a machete in Charleroi city and that man shouting loudly Allahu Akbar and continuously attack on these offices but these officers are just injured badly not even a single officer is killed in this attack.
As now in present days the world is facing a lot of terrorist problems and specially the western countries are in the hit list of terrorist and these are terrorist claims that they are Muslims and during the attack they used to speak loudly the holly words of Muslims.
This time again Belgium is targeted and the attacker attacks on the police officers and that is a very shame full thing that a man attacks on female with a machete this attack takes place in Charleroi city.
On Saturday morning everything is going as per routine and police officers are performing their duties as per schedule and confirms that no illegal activity will takes place during this bright day in Belgium two female police officers are performing their duties on a check post and checking all the people going through that check post.
At that time a man appears on that check post he is also caring a bag on his shoulder and when a lady officer ask the other officer to check his back than at that instant he takes out his machete speaks loudly Allahu Akbar and stated hitting these officers.
In result of these attacks they are injured badly and according to doctor report both are out of danger but seriously injured at that instant when this man is hitting these officers an officer standing closer to them shot that men with his hand gun and that man died on the spot police also share this incident on Twitter

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