Benjamin Netanyahu Accuses UN of Involvement in Terrorism


On Tuesday, the current Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon declared Palestinian’s protests and demonstrations natural to resist, in the result, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed anger accusing him of involvement in terrorism.


Netanyahu condemned using harsh words the Ban Ki-moon’s statement that UN Secretary General seems to be supporter of terrorism.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu also condemned the acts of Palestinian people as well authorities over the establishment of state, they don’t want existence of peaceful state though having plans to destroy the nation. He also said while addressing to International Forum that the United States has already been lost his Impartiality and moral strength too.

Remember, in Security Council, Ban Ki-moon said in statement referring Palestinian’s as the Israeli authorities captured their homes so in case oppressed class have the right to protest against the wrongdoing or believes to be natural behavior.

Netanyahu got the statement in wrong sense or may be criticism on Israeli government’s acts hence rained insensitive words.

Ban Ki-moon said the latest series of attacks by the Israeli security forces has built profound sense of Isolation and despair in young Palestinians as well others.

The Israeli authorities launched violence on first October, 2015, since then 159 Palestinians have shot dead and 25 Israelis too, even an American and an Eritrean also died in these conflicts.

As of October, those who shot dead in protests and clashes, most of them were attackers, whereas other number of fatalities came in result of other fights between both nations.

Ban Ki-moon strictly condemned the concept of Israel to goal of an independent Palestine with the Jewish state, as the recent condition made it completely wrong because the latest Palestinian attacks appeared to be just a sight of violence not anymore.


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