Bethany Mota Net Worth: How Rich is Bethany Mota?


Bethany Mota is a popular video blogger who rose to prominence with her haul videos when started her channel “Macbarbie07” in 2009. Her parents are Tammy and Tony Mota. She was born in Merced County, California. She attended public school from third to sixth grade but she attained most of her education through home schooling. She was raised in California with her elder sister Brittany. She took acting and dancing classes in sixth grade. She started her YouTube channel because she was cyber bullied. In order to escape from the stress she got from bullying, she started uploading haul videos of fashion and make up cosmetics. People liked her simple haul videos. Bethany Mota net worth as of 2016 is $3 million.


  • Date of Birth: November 7, 1995
  • Age: 21
  • Profession: video blogger, YouTuber
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Journey to Stardom:

When she was cyber bullied, she thought that she would not shy away from moving forward in her life. This was the sole reason which prompted her to start her own YouTube Channel. She posted her first haul video on June, 2009. When it got numerous likes from people she got motivated to put further stuff online. She continued posting Do-It-Yourself projects and fashion purchases. People liked her videos and she gained immense popularity with the passage of time. Her videos comprised of Vlogs, fashion purchases, make up products and DIYs. Bethany Mota net worth was on the rise that time. Brands like Sigma and Rimmel gave free products to her in order to reach wider audience. Her YouTube channel subscribers reached 9.5 million in October, 2015. Brands began to offer her gift cards and free samples of their latest fashion products. In 2014, a magazine called Business Insider claimed that she is making $40,000 a month from her YouTube channel and sponsorships. She organize giveaways for her followers as token of generosity. She has been on several tours which she calls “Motavatours”. She identifies her subscribers as “Motavators”. She started her personal blog on May 21, 2010 by the name of “Bethanyslife”. That channel also garnered her immense fan following. She started generating revenues from her personal channel as well which is why Bethany Mota net worth is rising with the passage of time.

Trivia about Bethany Mota:

  • For YouTube’s first advertising campaign, she was one of the top contenders for creating the content for YouTube in 2014. With this YouTube association, Bethany Mota net worth upped by a huge margin.
  • She made appearance on YouTube’s web show IMO. It creates an open house discussion panel for discussing teenage issues.
  • She has the privilege of interviewing President Obama which was held on 22nd January, 2015. It was a part of White house initiative to broaden the horizon of interaction among general public. It was done after his 2015 State of the Union Address.
  • She launched her clothing, accessories and perfume line at aeropostale by partnering with Forever 21 and JC Penney. She lends her creative support while designing the whole fashion line. Bethany Mota net worth of $3 million is also the result of her association with big fashion brands.
  • Mota incorporates the ideas of her fans in her fashion designs.
  • She ventured into singing on October 13, 2014 when she released her first single “Need You Right Now” with vocalist turned producer Mike Tompkins.
  • In August, 2015 she wrote the lyrics of her own song “Be Who You Wanna Be” which she uploaded on her YouTube channel.
  • She once reported on the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice awards for the show Entertainment Tonight.


  • She won the “Choice Webstar- Female” award in Teen Choice Awards in year 2014, 2015 and 2016 consecutively.
  • She won the best “Fashion Program” award at the Streamy Awards in 2014.
  • She was included in the list of “25 Most Influential Teens of 2014” by Time Magazine in the year 2014. Bethany Mota net worth of $3 million is way ahead than her contemporaries which makes her eligible to be in the influential persons list.

Personal Life:

She toured across the United States in January, 2014 and she termed her tour as “Motavatour”. She appeared as guest judge in the 13th season of “Project Runway”. She took part in the 19th season of famous show “Dancing with the Stars”. Her partner on the show was Derek Hough. Both made it to the finals but got eliminated soon finishing at 4th place. She discussed the effects of bullying and the solutions to counter it in National Bullying Prevention Month in October, 2015. As she has a history of singing, dancing, collaborating with various brands and touring across the States so these the sources which is why Bethany Mota net worth is above than most of her contemporaries. Her music is inspired from electropop. She believes in embracing your true own self. She has announced on December 3, 2016 that she and her fellow YouTube star Tyler Oakley are planning to set up a camp in the woods of California to meet and greet their fans in a cozy setting. She has named this meet-and-greet session as “Camp 17” as the camp will be held in the year 2017. Her continuous association with her followers has garnered her popularity among the youth and this is the same reason brands and other endorsements sponsor her which ultimately increases Bethany Mota net worth.



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