Body Of The Dead Woman Discovered After 40 Years In Germany Attic


As unusual discovery in Germany, Body of dead woman found which was missed 40 years ago from an attic of a house being renovated in the German city of Cloppenburg, a man living in the house of his father.


A 33 years old man which is living in the house of his father as during working he found a skeleton which was in attic covered with straws and leaves, it is been reported that skeleton was wearing ladies shoes, trouser as well as several jackets.

so that after the post mortem it was concluded by the police that this body is of the woman which was missed 40 years ago in 1976 because her family reported the report of her missing but at that time police was unable to find that woman.

So according to local news, German Police said that it is the unusual discovery in the history of Germany, they further stated that this 28 years old woman was married one because she was mother of three children.

but it is shocking to hear that police is not working on the reasons of death of woman by telling that no one is involve in the death of this woman so gave reason that woman came here to lay down here but got death in this attic.

It is also reported that woman was ill because she had psychological disorder, the person who found this told that he is the first person which is entered in this place in about 40 years so after this German police have strong believe that there is no man involve in the death of this woman.

The husband of this woman was dead in 2012 by his natural death, so this unusual discovery was held a week ago on 28th of August 2016.


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