Bombs Blast In Baghdad Kill 19, Including Some Shi’ite Pilgrims


A suicide bomber blast a car killed 19 people and 40 were injured badly while in second bomb attack near a Shi’ite militia checkpoint in the capital’s Dora district cause death of at least two people and three were wounded.


The first explosion resulted in a deadly blast of a car when a suicide bomber driving the car and blast himself on Saturday. However, the attack claimed by Islamic State on Shi’ite pilgrims in Baghdad that resulted in the death of 19 people and 48 wounded badly.

There is no immediate claim of responsibility of the second attack near Shi’ite militia checkpoint in the capital’s Dora district. According to Amaq news agency, a fighter driven a heavy truck fully loaded with three tons of explosives material in Nahrawan district.

The pilgrims had traveling to Imam Khadim Shrine, who was the seventh of 12th Imam died in 799 AD, the pilgrims heading to Baghdad’s Imam to commemorate the 8th century of death.

After deadly explosion the securities of the city is highly alerted and seems to better gradually in Baghdad as Baghdad is the daily target of the suicide bombing about decade ago.

Recent year, the pilgrims were also marred by the attack that against the worshipper resulted in the causalities of near about 13 people and there were four more killings were made when mob set to fire the houses of Sunni religion.

On Saturday, the Islamic State combatant launched an offensive in Baiji northern town that recaptured by Islamic State combatant and Shi’ite militia fighters about a month ago.

The recaptured area included a large Oil refinery as well that devastated by the conflict of Islamic State.

Sources said, the Islamic State militants attacked on Security forces on Saturday from the eastern side of Baiji, there were three police officer who killed in the attack while two other were wounded.


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