British Boxer Amir Khan Targeted By “Inept” Blackmailer Over Alleged Non-Existent Sex Tape


Gambling addict targeted Amir Khan over non-existent sex tape, demanding a heavy amount for sex tape otherwise he released it, boxer Amir Khan won case of alleged sex tape with 29-year old women.


Pakistani based British Boxer Amir Khan had been the victim of “spectacularly inept” blackmailer who put a worthy demand for non-existent sex tape with 29-year old women.

Amir Khan claimed the gambling addict tried to target him also added if he will not pay him demanded money he will release the sex tape.

A stranger with mental health problems has plotted a plan to blackmail the boxer, the stranger name Hamza Din emailed Pakistani based boxer that his management has a sex clip of boxer with a girl in a hotel room in Newcastle.

But the bungling blackmailer Hamza Din failed attempt to cover tracks, the man with mental health problem explained there is no sex tape exist featuring champion boxer Amir Khan and a girl at hotel room.

Amir Khan unveiled; previously the blackmailer claimed the sex tape is 100 percent real and if he will not pay him he will release the tape. Din, was previously clicked a picture alongside with champion boxer Amir Khan in a restaurant of north east threatened many time.

Prosecutor revealed in court Hamza Din blackmailed boxer with threaten of releasing the sex tape had signed up with a new email account using name “Harry Dean” but cyber intelligence quickly traced him and appeared in court.

Hamza Din charged for a single crime of blackmailing and the Court sentenced gambler mental blackmailer 15 months in prison as well as court suspended him for two year.

The court judge Judge Richard Gioserano said Hamza Din is suffering from bi-polar mental disorder.


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