British Government Overruled The Indian’s Online Petition Against Pakistan


The British government has rejected the online petition from Indian government against Pakistan by putting allegation of providing the safe shelter for terrorist but the UK government overruled the Indian’s petition, done same like Americans.


The Indian government has to face another failure with the rejection of its petition against its religious rival or neighbor as well because the United Kingdom Parliament has dismissed the online petition on United Kingdom’s website to get approval.

But the British Parliament has done same like American Parliament not at all, British Government also praised the efforts of Pakistan against terrorism and the militancy in the county.

Indian Government first asked the US government to condemn strongly that Pakistan is providing a very safe heaven to terrorist but US government dismissed the Indian petition in less than a week however, the time slot given to get 100,000 signature is 30 days.

After feeling a great insult from US side the Indian government tried to approve petition from UK government, the petition was uploaded on the official site of UK Parliament to get the likes of 100,000 but the petition to prove Pakistan the safe shelter for terrorist only receive the signature of roundabout 7000.

The total of almost 7000 signature includes a large amount of Indian peoples signature and there found a minority of UK’s people, that’s why the UK’s parliament also overruled the wrong petition of Pakistan’s rival.

The British government not only rejected the India’s petition and the country faced a embarrassed failure. However, British government praised the efforts of Pakistan’s government against the brutal strategies of terrorist and wrote.

UK government will work together to knock out combat both the extremists and terrorist’s attacks as well. Meanwhile, United States forced both India and Pakistan to shake hand again by resolving internal stress.


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