British Muslim Journalist Fatima Manji Frightened By Clearing Of Anti-Hijab Article


Fatima Manji who is a Muslim Journalist in Britain said that the decision by press regulator authority of United Kingdom not to give importance and uphold her complaints about the prejudiced article was totally frightening.


According to the Manji who is currently a senior journalist in Channel 4 News has complained couple of months ago the Press regulator authority Ipso of United Kingdom that the article of Kelvin MacKenzie has breached its clauses of harassment, discrimination and accuracy.

According to journalist that the columnist of Sun Magazine Kelvin MacKenzie has written an article in July that a reporter wearing a headscarf should not have been permissible to report on the nice terror attacks which held in these months in their country.

In his article he further said that whether it was appropriate or not for the all the journalists and reporters to wear the prominent symbols of their religion or faith on the screen, particularly about the stories on any religion so in the context of this article Journalist Fatima Manji reported UK press regulator that Kelvin MacKenzie has directly hot upon their religion Islam.

But Ipso has done totally unfair about her report because they said that Kelvin MacKenzie expresses his entitled views and his column did not included any derogatory position to the complainant on the grounds of any particular religion.

In response on the statement of Ipso, Muslim Journalists said that the regulator authority has cleared the signified open season of Kelvin about minorities in their country; she said that according to Kelvin that I am being a Muslim has shown some kind of sympathy on the terror attacks and I am like other journalists in their country so he means that I appreciate people on the terror attacks.

She said that she is totally upset to see hatred article of columnist and asked that they were uncomfortable and embarrassed that MacKenzie was permissible to peddle such hatred articles by magazines.


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