Burqa Ban: Bulgarian Parliament Has Approved Ban On Wearing Face-Covering Cloth In Public Places


Bulgarian parliament has approved a controversial bill to ruin the religious freedom for Muslims as the lawmakers passed the legislation not to wear Islamic veil in public places which is totally away from Islamic laws.


The Bulgarian Parliament took a very hard step for Muslims in Bulgaria because by passing out the legislation of not wearing Islamic veil in public will completely uncheck the laws of Islamic religion.

The face veil is considered the freedom for Islamic nations as Allah ordered women to be in veil and not even show a single part of her body to a man that is not her husband, brother or father.

The lawmakers of Bulgarian Parliament has passed a legislation on 30 September 2016, the legislation reads the Muslim women have not allowed to wear veil including niqab and Burqa to cover partially or fully faces in territory of Bulgaria.

The legislation was proposed by Bulgaria’s nationalist Patriotic Front and the Bulgarian parliament passed out the legislation on Friday 30 September 2016.

The Bulgarian government has not allow women to wear such type of cloth that helps her to cover her face in government offices, cultural institutions, educational institutions, an on places of public recreation such as park etc however, the veil is acceptable in only two conditions either the women has professional reason or health.

Except these conditions the burqa or niqab or veil of face considered the violation of law and she should have to pay heavy fine of 200 Leva to 1500 Leva which is around €750.

Most of the Muslim women are from Turkish origin and the 13 percent of the whole country so MP’s party warns Bulgaria’s Parliament that the ban has to counter-productive otherwise they left the party chamber.


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