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Cheats And Cracks Of Pokemon Go App How To Change Mode Of Screen From Vertical To Horizontal

Pokemon Go is spreading madness all over the world in start this game faces many issues and it was not launched worldwide but now this game is available on all the IOS systems including the android devices as the game launches its cracks and hacks are all launched along with it.
This game is just available in vertical screen mode but the issue in this screen mode is that the player is unable to catch the wider view this thing really disturb the player as the demand of player is to have a view of whole scene what is going around him is any target is missed by him or not etc.
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Thanks to the hackers and crackers they provides a solution for this problem now the user is able to play Pokemon Go in Horizontal way so that he is able to get a wider view and don’t miss any opportunity to get a point or grab a Pokemon in its Poke ball.
User can get the Horizontal view on its device by performing these small actions, fist user have to open the app of Pokemon Go than touch on Poke Ball placed in the lower section of screen by touching the Poke Ball the main panel of settings will be open than user have to move the page up and touch on the option of Report High-Priority Issue.
By Tapping on this option a confirmation panel will be opened than touch on yes by touching this option a browser will open and start loading when the loading is completed than icon of Pokemon Go appears on the Screen.
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Than user have to hold the device horizontally and then tap on Pokemon Go Icon after this procedure the visual of screen will we changed and user gets a wider view but this view contains its specific problems the camera will gives the top view as game is not designed for this view while playing in this mode user will face a lot of difficulties in capturing the Pokemon or to fight with them.

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