China is going to unveil World’s largest bridge


China is making preparations to unveil the world’s largest bridge this year. The longest sea cross bridge is made to connect cities of Honk Kong, Macau and main land China.


The bridge took seven years for its completion with a length of 55 kilometers and has width of six lanes. The bridge also has four tunnels along with four artificial islands.

Project was a multi billion dollars one and is hailed as International partnership. This was built by using as much as steel as the 60 Eiffel towers.

In an interview to Al Jazeera, the bridge leader Gao Xinglin told reporters that they have called for experts from foreign countries like US, US, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan and Netherlands. These are just top ranking names while the total number of countries is 14.

The bridge is set to cut the ravel time to less than half. The mainland china will be an hour away from cities of Hong Kong and Macau.

There were news of various accident reports during the bridge’s construction but China has completed the construction. Chinese officials have also invited forging media to check for themselves the integrity of this bridge before even opening it to public.

Deputy Commissioner of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Song Ruan told interviewers that, “we are hoping that foreign media friends will see our opportunity to step into new era and the fresh progress of one country, two systems.

Hong Kong was a British colony but it returned to China under agreement of One Country, Two Systems in 1997. This agreement ensured Hong Kong’s freedom along with giving it separate legal system. However h ultimate control over Hong Kong was of Beijing.

The bridge is expected to receive traffic of about 14000 vehicles along with government shuttle busses which will run one after another with interval of 10 minutes.

This bridge is one of the the two top mega infrastructure projects unveiling in China this year. The second one is the High Speed Rail link in China.


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