China and USA not friend instead rivals on global scale


China made announcement that it will place tariffs on 50 billion dollar worth of American products. The announcement was made right after one day when USA made announcement of placing tariffs on 50 billion dollars worth of Chinese imports.

China and USA not friend instead rivals on global scale

These announcements clearly indicate that China and USA are bound for many battles for making their mark and influence in the world in the upcoming years.

Trump administration has now clearly accepted to the fact that they have considered china as not friend for a long time. It has been USA’s tough competitor in geopolitical, economical and diplomatic sectors and this competition is only getting fiercer.

However president Trump was right to take on China head on despite the reasons how China is going o retaliate.

Washington and Beijing were bound to face a strong clash since long ago but the clashes were deferred for a long time. There is no common ground now in between competitors, no more common enemy to rally against instead it is now only a struggle that will last for decades to make the victor’s influence.

In 1950’s and 1960’s China was claimed as Red China or Communist china because of their alliance with Soviet Union of the time. Everyone thought that China will cover the whole of Asia under communist rule.

US feared this communism spread and that was the reason for the war of Korea and Vietnam to push back the forces of these wars that were supported by China.

China and USA are now both enemies who are struggling over issues like who is going o dominate the south and East China Seas, Taiwan, North Korea’s nuclear program and now recently who will lead the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of trade and jobs. People of the world and especially that of America and China should be aware of this geopolitical and economic change that is going to occur soon.

All in all China and America are now enemies and there is now no turning back from this.


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