Why Choose FrontpointSecurity as Your Ultimate Alarm System


Home alarm system is a necessity of every house owner to protect their property from intruders and other mishaps. There are numerous alarm systems available in the market but Frontpoint security system is the most efficient one. It has topped the chart of top recommend security system providers due to its flexibility and customer satisfaction.

What Makes Frontpoint Security Best?

It is not like a typical alarm system that is limited to burglary, trespass or fire but it can be customized as per your requirements. You can select features and add it on with this security system for a complete fool-proof protection. You can add medical protection for older family members or fire and CO alarms to avoid accidents.

Not only this you got to choose the sensors, monitoring packages and contract terms that deem to fit you. All devices are 100% wireless so they are easy to install without any professional help. The 100% cellular monitoring allows you to keep a watch on your home from anywhere in the world by just connecting it with your smartphones. This means you will have a much reliable security at your property without much distress.

The thing that sets frontpoint apart from others is its easy online purchase. You do not need an in-house consultation or confer a representative to quote a price but you can buy it online without any assistance.  But if you need help in selecting features for your home security, then their active and compliant representative can guide. You can contact them through phone or fill out a form online and they will revert back to you.

The main objective of Frontpoint security system is to provide its customer utmost satisfaction. They even offer free 30-days trial for any of their security packages. If the customer is not happy about its performance, he can return it back in a month and get complete refund.

Features In Detail:

  • GE-Equipment: All of its sensors, panels and gears are GE certified that means they are most reliable, top-quality tools.
  • Numerous types of sensors: they not only have sensor alarms to detect intrusion from doors, windows or unacquainted motion but also have sensors for
    • Glass break
    • Smoke
    • Carbon monoxide
    • Floods

They also have surveillance cameras to give live video for scrutiny/examination.

  • Wireless and cellular monitoring: All of its packages come with cellular monitoring and wireless equipment. This makes it almost impossible to disable as they are unable to jam cell towers. So you immediately get an alert for someone barging in your property. You also get email or text alert on your smartphone and also you can also download one of its mobile apps for further security.
  • 3 year warranty: you can claim for a new sensor or panel at no cost if it breaks or damages within first three years.
  • 3 basic packages: they offer 3 different packages at different rates with different features. The basic package that comes at $35/month provides you with all the sensors and text alerts. However the Interactive monitoring package costs $45/month allows you to remotely control the system and regulate light. For more advanced security system such as surveillance cameras automated thermostat and lock, buy the Ultimate Monitoring Package at $50/month.

To have a more detailed review on frontpoint, read alarm reviews report of frontpoint security at alarm-reviews.net for a more comprehensive guide.


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