Christian Evans’s Death,Confirmed By Ricki,Ex-Husband Of Ricki Lake


After a tiring battle with bipolar disorder Christian Evan died on this Tuesday and famous TV celebrity Ricki Lake confirmed this news of his demise as he was his Ex-husband and soul mate.

She mentioned that she is luckiest person as she has spent six and half golden years of her life with that lovable man. He was special to her as they eloped in 2012 and she told that he is the only person who understands her a lot. At his demise she is very sad, although he was her ex-husband but she has some kind of special feelings for him as she posted a picture in which both were smiling and hugging each other. This shows the never ending love of each other.

She mentioned that they were very close, she declared him her everything. She also mentioned that friend because of whom they both met. Words of her at her ex-husband’s demise shows that she flashed back all past memories of him and she tweeted all those memories in simple words to everyone.

“Rest in peace, my love.” She spoke, he was the person who used to mend my heart whenever it was broken, now he is no more, may his soul rest in peace as he was the man of love she explained all this to her followers.

She explained that now she can understand how people feel when a family member got separated from them and how heart drowned down in deep feelings on demise of loved ones. She added that he fought to illness for long time and how she felt on his illness and now she thinks he is in peace.

It is worth mentioning here that this couple was blessed with two sons, and as Christian Evan is no more so our condoling feelings are for that children.


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