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Clash Of Clans Will Update New Troops In March 2016, Town Hall 10 Upgrades And Many More

Clash of clans is now gearing up for major and strong drops in March 2016 because in the past few months they have faced the challenges across the game for the super and the best Seller.
Clash of Clans is now increasing their speed for major and big drop in the month March in 2016 because they have to faced some difficulties and challenges to become the best Seller of game of Tennis in the last few months and latest news revealed from the team that this updation will another best patch for the players that will want grab on this release.
The last updating in the game was in the December last year that was game changing experience but users told that supercell has been fixing then due to fraught of users. Now on the upcoming updated patch, the developers have set their eyes strongly on the future of the game and the hints which are upgraded and additional troops that are on the way this is according to the reports of theGotta B Mobile.
The team of the Clash of Clans that is active on the Facebook announced that the new Super cell game is dropping soon and officially reports by the team is that the new game hopefully launched in Month April this year, also told that this will be the big update in the game that is to be launched.
On the other hand, Clash of Clans also provided some new scenarios for the upcoming update that include Dark Elixir unit that is used to be the part of the “ Clash Royale” and a troop that is called “Ice Merge” that I s able to freeze buildings for attacks.
New Troop News; Clash of clan developer confirm of the news of the new troop called “Ice Mage”.  This troop is alike to the Wizards, but this is not Dark Elixir troop and it should be work to freeze the buildings.
These are the some new features that set to make waves upon the update and launch of Clash of Clans update.

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