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Complete Procedure How To Transform Xiaomi Mi4 To Android Operating System

Latest update of Xiaomi Mi 4 are available now it is the user choice that he wants to switch on Android operation system or Windows operating system for both updates user have to follow some particular her is the procedure to transfer the Mi 4 to Android operating system.
First of all user has to download some particular files in his PC and these files are Android 5.1.1 ROM, licensed version of gapps and at last ClockWorkMod Recovery distribution than connect the phone with the PC and save all these files in to the internet storage folder of Phone.
After that select the tools option here select the Updater and tap on the menu option which will be on the upper right corner from here select the upgrade package.
Then move the screen upward and the package of files of CWM R8 than reboot after the prompt after the reboot when device will restart select the option of tools again and go to Updater but this time choose the Recovery Mood and when you are in recovery mood press the volume button to move up and down as well as press power button to select.
Then go in high lights and select the Zip installation option this installation well be done through SD Card than Choose CWM R11 after that select system 1 and tap on yes after the completion of this whole procedure than go back to option and reboot after that when device starts that go on Recover Mood again and choose reboot.
At that time whole data in the phone will be vanished and only way to recover that is recovery option after that select mount and storage to and selects one option as previous for zip files.
Then choose Zip Option and from SD Card and select AOSB appears in directory than select system one and wait for installation after that again reboot your device to fix the Root Access after that whip all the data again to clear the storage now restart your device and the symbol of android appears and device successfully comes on Android Operating System.

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