Daquq Mosque Airstrike: Human Rights Watch Called To Probe Only US Coalition And Iraqi Force Jets


Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on Baghdad to probe the alleged airstrike on a mosque of Kirkuk’s town that carried out the killings of 13 women and children as well last week on Friday.


The officials unveiled on Monday, The U.S led military coalition is supporting Iraq’s armed forces to recapture the Iraq’s second largest city Mosul where Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has gained a strong hold.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on Baghdad to probe out the alleged airstrikes on Kirkuk’s town Daquq Mosque where the alleged airstrikes by either U. S led coalition or Iraqi forces jets has killed 13 women along with children on Friday.

The local residencies and Police has opened on Human Rights Watch (HRW) as he believed the attack that carried out on mosque of Daquq was an airstrike either by U.S led coalition or Iraqi jet forces because they heard the sharp noise of aircraft and also the scale of destruction indicted.

According to earlier rough figure, Human Rights Watch has confirmed the death of 13 females and children that become the victim in Daquq Mosque which is around 19 miles of Iraq’s city Kirkuk however, HRW added there are 45 more personnel that injured in alleged airstrike.

Human Rights Watch took twitter to draw the whole statistics of incident as well as released a statement over the incident probe which reads as, “Of the troops fighting for the Iraqi city of Mosul, only United States-led coalition forces in Iraq and the Iraqi air force are known to conduct airstrikes in this region.”

However, the U.S led military coalition a spokesman has refused to take responsibility of alleged airstrike that hurt 45 innocent personnel.


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