Dave Chappelle Net Worth: How Rich is Dave Chappelle?



One can never assume how much a comedian turned actor can earn in order to live a luxurious lifestyle. No one earn billions by taking up just standup comedy acts. If anyone want to live the luxury life like Dave Chappelle then he has to do something along with comedy like he does. Dave Chappelle is a name that many are familiar with when it comes to standup comedy. He is the “Comic Genius of America” as called by Esquire in 2006. Dave Chappelle net worth is said to be around $30 Million as of 2016. He has managed to earn this much amount by taking up film roles and standup comedy performances at various events. As Dave Chappelle is a screen writer and a film producer as well so his association with the film industry has also given a boost up to his earnings over the years.


  • Date of Birth: August 24, 1973
  • Age: 43
  • Profession: Standup Comedian, Film Producer, Actor and Screen writer
  • Spouse: Elaine Erfe
  • Children: 3

Journey to Stardom:

In 1991, after studying theatre arts from the Duke Ellington School of Arts in Washington, Chappelle shifted his base to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian. In his early days, one of the embarrassing moment of his stand up comedy career occurred when he was booed off the stage by the infamous “Amateur Night” audience while performing in Apollo Theater. This moment instead of shattering his faith prompted him to perform even more passionately in his career. When he was in his late teens, he got a side role in the movie “Robin Hood: Man in tights”. He kept on pursuing his career in stand up comedy despite failures and this courage earned him a rank. 43 in the “100 Greatest Stand Ups of All Times” by Comedy Central in 2009. He turned down the role of “Bubba” in one of the greatest movie of all time “Forrest Gump”. One can only imagine how much Dave Chappelle’s Net worth would have risen if he took that role.

Appearance in Movies and TV series:

  • In 1992, he played “Ahchoo” in the movie “Robin Hood: Man in tight”
  • In 1994, he got a supporting role in “Getting In”
  • In 1995, he was guest starred as himself in the ABC sitcom “Home Improvement”
  • In 1995, after successfully giving a guest appearance in “Home Improvement”, he got a spin off show by the name of Buddies which failed miserably
  • In 1996, he played the role of a night club comedian in the comic movie “The Nutty Professor”
  • In 1997, he got a minor role in the movie “Con Air”
  • In 1998, he co-wrote and acted as the lead in the stoner comedy movie “Half Baked” which received great commercial success and managed to earn millions on the box office. This movie upped Dave Chappelle net worth
  • In December, 1998 he got a role in the movie “You’ve Got Mail” alongside Tom Hanks
  • In 1999, he played a role in the movie “Blue Streak”

Facts and Figures of Dave Chappelle Net Worth:

  • Dave Chappelle got a breakthrough by launching his own show “Chappelle’s Show” at Comedy Central channel in 2003
  • Even though he left the “Chappelle’s Show” after two years of its launching, Dave Chappelle net worth skyrocketed and he managed to earn enough to focus on his stand up comedy performances after leaving the show. During the show, his salary per season was $2.5 million
  • His endorsements of famous brands like Pepsi, Coca Cola and Gillette earn him large sums of money and has given his net worth a boost up
  • He lends his support for Fast Break Foundation

Dave Chappelle’s Awards and Honors:


  • Nominated for “Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy series” award for the “Chappelle’s show”
  • Nominated for “Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program” award for his “Chappelle’s show”
  • Won a Gold Derby Award for “Chappelle’s show” in the “variety performer” category
  • Nominated for an Image award for his “Chappelle’s Show” in the “Outstanding actor in a Comedy Series” category
  • Won a Vision Award for “Chappelle’s show” in the Best Comedy Performance category
  • Nominated for the Teen Choice Award in the Choice Comedian category


  • Nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the “Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special” category for his show “Dave Chappelle: For What Its Worth”
  • Nominated for his show “Chappelle’s Show” for which he got the Image Award
  • Won a NAMIC Vision award in the Best Comedic Performance
  • Nominated for PGA award and a Teen Choice award

Personal life:

Currently Dave Chappelle is living with his wife Elaine and three children Ibrahim, Sonal and Sulayman in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Dave Chappelle net worth comprises his property holdings, endorsements and TV shows. He converted to Islam in 1988 and likes to keep his religious views personal. Being a philanthropist, he lends his support to the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine which jointly supports children from Iraq, Palestine, America and Israel in conflicting situations. In 2016 elections, he made some remarks about Hillary Clinton which angered his fans and people thought that he was indirectly supporting Donald Trump but then later on he said that Trump has to gain his trust if he wants to be called as a “good President”.

Dave Chappelle net worth over the years:

2015                                          $30,000,000

2014                                          $22,000,000

2013                                          $10,000,000

Dave Chappelle net worth came to a halt when he left the show “Chappelle’s show” while filming the third season. He got off on an unscheduled holiday to South Africa. He wanted to pursue his career in stand up comedy. He took this bold step because he thought that it was deviating him from his stand up comedy career.


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