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If you have a website or a blog, you may have wondered about how to get an economic return from it. There is a variety of services, which will allow you additional income, in exchange for advertising. In this article you will find a selection of the suggested ones, with information about their main characteristics. Now you will earn money from your websites like other big bloggers who earned millions of dollars from their websites like viralnova com, GodVine and many more.

Google AdSense:

The AdSense service for content, is the classic Google service that automatically tracks the content of your page and publishes ads, both graphic and text, relevant to your visitors, to be useful to their interests.

It works from the insertion in your website, through a JavaScript code, of text-based ads. For each ‘click’ that the visitor makes about these ads, called AdWords, you will receive an amount of money.

The Google server analyzes the page where you insert the code and, depending on the contents, generates a code that shows a series of announcements of companies that are related to the theme of your page.

Text Link Ads:

It is an American company that is dedicated to the purchase and sale of links. Text Link Ads is a complement, rather than an alternative to Adsense. It’s not contextual advertising, but it’s selling links on your site, at a fixed price per month.

Advantages: unlike Adsense generates fixed income. It is compatible with other ad systems.
Requirements: As with Adsense, you must register and wait for the site to be approved.
Income: They pay 50% of the total price of each advertisement. Payments are made on the first business day of each month, by check, if you have reached a minimum of $ 25, and without a minimum, by PayPal. The pricing depends on the theme and traffic of the site and the ad category.

Text Link Ads also offers an affiliate program, which consists of placing a banner on your site. Every time someone registers through it and is accepted into Text Link Ads, they pay you 25 dollars.

Linkicity, the links market:

Spanish version of Text Link Ads. Linkicity, is the answer to the need to develop advertising systems, especially for the Hispanic sector. It was born at a moment of boom in the advertising sector on the Internet and the promotion of social networks.

It is a fairly new project, June 2007, developed by the company Bemarnet, which has more than ten years of experience in the provision of Internet services.


It is a market for text type links. The policy of LinkLift founded in mid-2006 in Berlin, is to work only with quality editors that offer original content. Below are the advantages, requirements and ways to obtain payments.

Advantages: For each text link you will earn a fixed amount per month, regardless of the number of page views or the percentage of visitors that click on the links. Text links take up little and can appear under the “fold” of the page. When they sell a text link to your website, they send you an email and you can decide if the link and the address you’re targeting fit the theme of your website, thus having full control over the links that appear on your website. It can be used in conjunction with contextual advertising or pay per click systems.

Requirements: registration of your website. In 24 hours they inform you if it has been accepted. Incorporate the LinkLift script into your website.
Revenue: It depends on the position of the text links, the quality of the content and the popularity of your website. Payments are made through PayPal. The minimum transfer is € 25. It is charged monthly. You will receive 70% of the profits collected from the links on your site. For the referral system you pay € 10 for each registration.
Considerations: Use a script on your server that automatically generates text links, for which it is necessary for your website to use one of the following technologies: PHP, Perl, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Serendipity. If you use a different technology you should contact the technical team.


It is “the Internet Ad Market,” which connects independent publishers of the Web with thousands of advertisers. AdBrite has had a huge growth during the last three years, going from the 2,400 publishers that it had in 2004, to the more than 40,000 that it has today.

It consists of a service selling space for advertising on your site. They can be banners or text links. Your site is offered in a market, and buyers choose where to publish.

AdBrite was created by Philip Kaplan and Gidon Wise in 2002. They were looking for an easy way to sell advertising on their websites and blogs, and decided to place a small box with the text “Your ad here.” The simplicity of AdBrite made it popular by word of mouth and within two years, more than 1,000 sites began using it to sell online advertising.

Advantages: complete control over the pricing of your site. Control over the content of the ads. You can approve or reject ads. Direct sale of space through a box with the text: “Your ad here.” Compatible with other advertising systems. AdBrite deals with advertising, billing, customer service and sale.
Referral Program: Allows you to generate an additional income of 50% of the AdBrite benefits during the first 3 months and 10% for the following 9 months.

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