Donald J. Trump Says Pulls Out America From WTO After Becoming President Of America


WASHINGTON: Donald J. Trump who is the nominee of Republican Party for white house said that if he will elect for the President ship of America by the American Public than he pulls out United States out from International World Trade Organization.


Donald J. Trump gives his first interview after that he was selected as a candidate to represent Republican Party in the upcoming elections for United States President, in his this first interview he openly announced that he will pulls out America from World Trade Organization.

Further he said that all those American companies which are partners of other countries and sale their products in America and also sale these products with the labels of those countries this type of business policies effects the economy of America.

Donald J. Trump gives example that NAFTA is one of the American company which is in partnership with Mexico and all the products of NAFTA are manufactured in Mexico which increase the economy of Mexico.

After that he includes that for stopping this type of business due to which economy of America is decreasing he puts 30 percent of Trade Tax on these companies as a punishment then these companies will pay the tax or leave this type of business policies.

In a reply of one question Donald J. Trump replies that due to this policy of getting out from World Trade Organization (WTO) if WTO is disturbed that he don’t cares for it as WTO is a playing destructive role for America but he will Negotiate with WTO if WTO agreed on their clauses than he will thing about it to be the part of WTO otherwise he will leave WTO.

In past Donald J. Trump also gives such type of these comments about the relationship of America with NATO and also on North American Free Trade Agreement but these are just comments he didn’t perform any step according to his comments.


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