Donald Trump Says He Will Absolutely Accept The Results Of Presidential Election If He Wins


Presidential competitor of USA, Donald Trump said by addressing in a rally in Delaware, Ohio that he would accept the outcomes of election of November 8 if and only if the results falls in the favor of him.


Controversial leader Donald Trump insisted that he would not concede the right to competition the outcome of the presidential election, even as Republicans and Democrats expressed that the position of Donald Trump endangered to upend the tradition of peaceful power transfer in America.

But in other statements by the politicians that would not dispute about the results if outcomes of the presidential elections clear.

Donald Trump unwillingness to oath absolutely that he would respect the election results follows a rocky presentation in the third and last presidential debate and comes as the candidates set off for the hyperactive final elongate of campaigning ahead of the Nov. 8 election.

But in rally in Delaware, Ohio, he addresses that he would accept the results of this election if and only, if the results falls in the favor of him therefore this would be the only result that may be not challenged by him in any circumstance.

So he will of course accept the results of elections but I have also reserved the right of challenging the results of elections if outcomes would not be in the favor of him because this is his legal right.
According to him, in case of his defeat.

He will follow and abide by all the rules and tradition of all of the many candidates who came before me in the history of his country, always.

He also bottom line that he will absolutely win the results of elections but according to democrats, Donald Trump is no more fit to be president of United States of America and President Obama said that Donald Trump is weaken the country by making doubtful statements about the validity of election on 8th of November.


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